03 August, 2010

Project Intro: Little City

Little City is the working title of a small, simple level built in Unreal to showcase my design and world building skills and the environmental art skills of my friend and colleague, Lindsey Anderson. This exercise starts with a simple idea and will end with a playable level, published using the Unreal Development Kit.

The elevator pitch: you have woken from a crash-landing in a city. The city appears uninhabited except for the automated systems which continue to function, oblivious. Signs point to an emergency of some kind. Robotic police still patrol quarantine barriers, though the overgrown vegetation and apparent disrepair of the city suggest that no one has been here for a long time. You must find a way out.

The project is currently in early design stages and will be documented here until it is finished or until I find a game studio job.

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